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what we are

we're a creative multimedia, tech driven marketing studio

what we do best

we create engaging media that evokes emotion and gains reaction

branding • design • illustration • video/anim • marketing • web/tech development

Fundamentally, we’re a full-service Multimedia and Technology development Studio that provides modern marketing solutions on a national level. For over 16 years, our team of artists, writers, technologists, storytellers and marketeers have created and developed compelling and relevant content, mixed with powerful brand experiences. We use modern media such as websites, social networking, tablets, mobile, live events, graphic novels and high-design catalogs to tell your story. Our studio is a culturally savvy company with a keen observation of your audience’s psychographics, socialgraphics and demographics. This allows us to transform your company into a “cultural brand” that exemplifies the cultural connection between your brand and your customers’ world. We do this by creating beautiful visuals, mixed with powerful messaging, leveraging the appropriate technologies in the relevant marketing channels. What this means to you is, not only will you look good, but you also make money! With today’s modern marketing challenges, where people automatically tune out because of the daily bombardment of competing messages, blink is the answer!

we create engaging media that evokes emotion and gains reaction

who we work best with

cultural brands • destinations • entertainment • attractions • video games

We understand the powerful common thread that runs through Cultural Brands, Destinations, Entertainment, Attractions and Video Games. These aren't just niche fields that we decided to work in. We have been living and breathing them all our lives. We are a collection of progressive thinkers with extraordinary imaginations and proven expertise who have decided to use our skills to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. So when you need someone to build or launch your brand, we do it naturally with all the same passion and drive that you have. That is why we say, “Work is not our life. We live our work”. If your company is new, we’ll get you launched. Already established? We’ll grow your market. Already big? We’ll expand your revenue sources. No matter where you are, we’ll take you to the next level. blink will connect you to your core audience and communicate your brand in an authentic and engaging way.

work is not our life. we live our work

how we do it

blink defines your

unique voice • non customers • uncontested markets

blink develops your

brand messaging • multimedia content • sales cycle

blink promises 100%

satisfaction • transparency • accountability

We are unique because we understand both sides of the business. blink knows how to make someone stop and pay attention to your message while getting the response you need. We weave brand building with direct response tactics ensuring immediate and long-term sales. Your brand experience will be developed and redefined to be in sync with both. Through research and strategies your brand is unleashed. blink starts by developing your Sales Cycle - identifying the different touchpoints that will compel your customers to buy. We then use modern storytelling methods to connect with your audience in a much deeper and more powerful way. Leading them to a point of engagement that is in line with your business goal. That’s what blink means when it says, “We create engaging media that evokes emotion and gains reaction”. Basically, we create your engaging media and place it in all the right places, at the right time and to the right people, gaining maximum results for you!

through research and strategies your brand is unleashed

our work

here is a sample of some of our work

blink produces creative integrated programs that resonate with our clients’ audience, combining multiple mediums across online, social media, print, broadcast and events. While we don’t necessarily have a style, we do have a quality about our work. The style is developed around the product/service, the intended audience and the business goals. SO...if you think it looks good, we’d love to talk about the results!


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